In Aspen, Colorado, Farm Chocolate's Patty Doyle slow-crafts delectable confections with the finest sustainably-sourced ingredients she can find, using traditional methods of hand making. Drawing inspiration from European esthetics, Patty employs artful design to create one-of-a-kind, rustic-luxe treats.


In 2005, just off the coast of Vancouver Island, Pearl Chocolate was born. For 9 more years, Patty Doyle crafted organic treats according to time-tested methods of hand tempering and dipping. With her family of five, Patty moved south to Sonoma County, where FARM chocolate was born—the name reflecting not only the agricultural nature of the area, but also the aim of growing the fruits, herbs and flowers used in the seasonal treats. With a number of Good Food Awards in her arsenal, Patty’s treats gained a loyal following and locals swarmed to farmer’s markets in Marin and Sonoma Counties to ease their longings.


In 2024, Patty moved her business to the mountains of Colorado, from whence she came. In her new kitchen, the chocolates can multiply more quickly from a space that will soon add a small cafe where customers can grab delectable chocolate beverages and find a selection of daily dessert options.